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Title: List of 1/48th vacformed VVS kits
Post by: Troy Smith on April 25, 2012, 01:05:35 AM

Xan made a posting about a couple of vacformed Yak-3 kits. (

I put a link to a site listing 1/48th vacforms. (

A while ago I went through the listings and made a list of the VVS kits which may be of use or interest to members.   If anyone has any of these perhaps they could post pics or reviews if built, or reviews/builds from magazines or sites.  I have posted links to a couple of builds online.

By-Planes, UK [Also known as Pamela Veal]
Jakolev Jak-3
Polikarpov I-16

These were made in the late 70's, and had some basic injection parts.  I have a review of a Meteor kit they did which got a good review.

Eagles Talon, USA
Now Wings producing some of Eagles Talon's kits

Lavochkin La-7

Exact-Vac, No data available
Jakolev Jak-3
Polikarpov I-16

Falcon, New Zealand
Mostly known as high quality vacuformed canopies, they are still in business. (
Lavochkin La-5FN
build here (
with a fanciful camo scheme ....the kit is no longer made.

Funmodel No data available
Jakolev Jak-38 Forger

Hi-Kit Czech

Lavochkin LaGG-3
Mikoyan-Gurevitsh MiG-3
Suhoi Su-15

JMGT France.

Karo-As, Germany
Some kits reboxed MPM vacuforms

Lavochkin LaG-5
Polikarpov I-15
Polikarpov I-152
Polikarpov I-153
Polikarpov I-16

Koster, USA
High quality kits with resin, photo-etched and metal parts.Still producing vacuforms.

Petlajakov Pe-2 ( has a pdf product list. The Pe-2 is still available.

MGBI, Soviet Union / Russia
Lavochkin La-7

MPM, Czech
High quality vacuforma with injected and photo-etched parts.
Now producing injected kits.

Lavochkin La-7
Polikarpov I-15
Polikarpov I-152
Polikarpov I-16 typ 24 - I have one of these, and it looks good compared to the Eduard kit.
Tupolev SB-2M-100
Tupolev SB-2M-103 build here (

Sierra Scale
Bereznyak-Ishaev B1 Rocket Interceptor
build here
kit is still available from Sierra Scale -

Vacukit, Spain
Polikarpov I-15
Polikarpov I-16 type 6/10

Warrior, Poland
Lavochkin LaGG-3
Suhoi Su-6

Wings, USA

Iljushin Il-2M3
Ilushin Il-2

Victoria Products, Canada   
Lavochkin LaGG-3

YMTK, Soviet Union / Russia
Mikoyan Gurevitsh MiG-3

Hope this is of interest and look forward to additions.

Title: Re: List of 1/48th vacformed VVS kits
Post by: xan on April 25, 2012, 01:16:45 AM
thanks, Troy
you could add the JMGT Yak-3 who looks good (Pascal could put some pics, he has it)

Title: Re: List of 1/48th vacformed VVS kits
Post by: learstang on April 25, 2012, 03:54:26 AM
Here's what I wrote in my book about the Wings Models kits - "vacuform kits of the single-seater and arrow.  OOP?  I have both the single-seater and arrow kits, but with the availability of the Accurate Miniatures kits in their various packagings, these kits are superfluous.  All the parts are vacuformed; i.e., no white metal parts, etc., and there are no decals.  Not recommended unless you like building vacuform models or are a collector."  Below are photographs of the built-up models.





Title: Re: List of 1/48th vacformed VVS kits
Post by: Troy Smith on June 15, 2012, 05:00:36 PM
A chap in Australia sent me a link to a review of BT Models Su-6

anyone know if this was later issued by Warrior Models?

The kit packaging evidently lists a 1/48 LaGG 3 as well, as do Warrior.



Title: Re: List of 1/48th vacformed VVS kits
Post by: Bonehammer on June 18, 2012, 10:25:19 AM
As far as I know, Victoria Products also made a Yak-25 (Flashlight) in quarter scale.

I bought an unbranded 1/48 Yak-38 years ago, different from the Wings one. Both are now obsolete of course, and I'm only mentioning them for completeness.