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Title: VVS pilot figure
Post by: otto on October 27, 2014, 02:34:00 PM
I think there is a great need of soviet WW2 pilots in 1/48 scale. Among plastic sets, Eduard and Alanger are not very convincing. The best 1/48 figures are probably those made by ICM, but the set dedicated to VVS contains mechanics and officers who don?t wear flying suits! The situation of resin and metal figures is not much better: the best is 48236 from Ultracast, but it wears a summer and almost ?parade? uniform. Warriors makes four figures in winter gear, which seem quite good, but I could not find them.
I therefore tried to modify a RAF climbing pilot from Revell (but made by ICM!).


I replaced most of the parachute straps with plasticard strips to copy the Soviet harness. I also reproduced the fur leggings with putty.


I used the RAF parachute because it is very similar to that of Ultracast Soviet pilot, but I am not sure if it?s correct: it seems to me quite small. I did not find pictures showing the parachute clearly, can anybody help me?
Of course, any suggestion to make a decent VVS pilot is welcome!
Thank you in advance.

Title: Re: VVS pilot figure
Post by: 66misos on October 27, 2014, 06:27:52 PM
Hi Otto,
you can find some pictures of VVS pilots here at (
Here you can see shape and dimension of the parachute bag:

Title: Re: VVS pilot figure
Post by: otto on October 27, 2014, 09:44:46 PM
Thank you 66misos!
The parachute appears bigger than mine. I have already started to enlarge it.