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Title: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: expositor on December 02, 2014, 10:42:46 PM

Is any information re: the camou and markings of the above plane illustrated on the cover of Red Stars
1 with a not so clear photo therin of it sitting in a museum available?  Is this an in-service paint job in
the expected black and green, a non-standard solid color, or a simple museum repaint with the shark mouth
and eyes added afterwards? 
The photos of other museum planes in the series look like they're not repainted for display, but we all
know about interpreting photos....
Any insight is appreciated.


Title: Re: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: Dark Green Man on December 02, 2014, 11:13:53 PM
I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before ,but a search does not reveal it.

Kostylev's La-5 was painted with a mix of AMT-11 and AMT-12--I do not know what ratio
it was also a presentation machine that may not have seen any combat after getting it's fancy markings
ignore all of that green nonsense

Title: Re: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: Massimo Tessitori on December 03, 2014, 07:34:03 AM
there was a post on a now dead forum, where a guy wrote about an interview or question to the technician that painted the plane, and this answered that the color was 50% AMT-11, 50% AMT-12.

Title: Re: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: expositor on December 03, 2014, 11:20:26 PM
Thanks Green and Massimo for the info.  Was there any particular reason for repainting if the mouth was simply to be added?  I ask again because of other museum pic's of craft which appear to be in their service livery.  Also, there's a picture of a pilot named Dmitryev standing before his La-5 with a gaping mouth which looks like it is in service; a photo EP captioned as "pilot Apatov."  Could that have been a photo-op repaint as well?

Thanks again for taking the time.

Title: Re: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: 66misos on December 04, 2014, 06:30:01 AM
I found some info in MBI book about it. Unit (4 giap VVS KBF) was already re-equipped with La-5F and La-5FN. Technicians painted one of old reserve La-5 (not Lagg-5) as a present to Kostylev on the occasion of his leaving the unit to become an inspector VVS KFB. Surface was 1:1 mix of AMT-11 and AMT-12. Kostylev flew it once - his last, non-combat sortie.
There were also three aditional old war-weary La-5 in 4 giap VVS KBF similarly painted (jaws with semicircular teeth), but they served for proficiency flying only. Each squadron had one of them. A number of 4 giap members were photographed in front of these machines.

Title: Re: Kostylev's Lagg-5
Post by: expositor on December 05, 2014, 12:35:30 AM
Thanks 66, appreciate the explanation.  I thought the plane was a LaGG-5 because of the older style cockpit and canopy; but that's why I lurk here!

Thanks again!