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Title: Warpaint No.107 Ilyushin Il-2 "Sturmovik"
Post by: Graham Boak on June 30, 2016, 11:50:04 AM
This is the latest book in the Warpaint series, and is written by Oleg Rastrenin, illustrated by Andrey Yurgenson.  I'm not going to give a detailed breakdown of the book, which would require a more thorough read than I've yet given it.  Those interested can look for themselves: I suspect most of the readership is familiar with this series.

What is noticeable, to me, is the number of schemes shown for later aircraft in a 2-colour scheme of green and brown.  This used to be expected in publications of this kind, but has been superseded by the green, then green/black, then 3-colour schemes.  Unlike earlier Western publications this work mentions the correct designations of Soviet paints (if perhaps a little vague on their application) and does begin with the green and green/black schemes.  However, despite describing the 3-colour scheme as standard from 1st August 1943, it has no constraint on suggesting green and brown as the only two uppersurface colours in a large number of cases, including 1945 examples.