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Title: Greetings from France
Post by: BLG on September 14, 2018, 11:26:56 PM
Hi everybody,
I'm Bernard, from France , 68 years old. Several dozen of Tri-ang, Frog, Airfix (in bags) and Revell kits build during the sixties, all 1/72 WW2 planes  .
I still have the brown and green Airfix Il-2 and Yak-9  and the Revell I-16 in my display . Completely inaccurate, but chilhood memory.

After a 50 years break, I come back to modelism, still 1/72 planes .
My project is to build  the main types of the main aircrafts involved in the wars between 1936 (Spanish civil war) and  1945. Due to my age, I know I will not see  it completed. It's not a reason to not try.
I have choosen the soviet aircrafts as first theme for 2 reasons.  
1- The film Летят журавли,  (The cranes are flying, Quand passent les cigognes)  made me discover when I was  12-13 years old ,  the sacrifice of the Russian people during the WWII and since I am interested in all the aspects of his culture.
2- I'm methodical and follow the chronology. 1936  Among the first planes involved in the spanish civil war, I have choosen the I-16. Its numerous types will allow me to make  also planes involved  in the Japanese/ Chinese war, the Japanese/ Soviet Khalkin-Gol conflict, The Finlad /Soviet winter war and the GPW.
However, when I have discovered the Vakhmistrov's circus  in the I-16 story , I have decided to build the type 24 SPB before the TsKB-12. To present this type in zveno configuration , I had to build a TB-3 34 RN  that I present here

For the next months and may be years, I will have numerous questions to ask here to the numerous VVS experts.


Title: Re: Greetings from France
Post by: Massimo Tessitori on September 15, 2018, 02:17:04 PM
Welcome here Bernard,
better late than never!
The images of your works will be welcome, as your questions (I hope that answers will be at the height of your expectations).