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Title: Decals needed
Post by: warhawk on August 17, 2007, 12:59:34 PM
I am looking for decals in 1/72nd scale for these models:
-Dakoplast (or Modelist) decals for Yak-7B (Red 65 option)
-Dakoplast (or Eastern Express) decals for Il-2M3
-ICM decals for I-16 type 28
-Any 1/72 decals from which I could make this LaGG-3

If anyone is interested, I could also swap my decals...

Title: Re: Decals needed
Post by: John Thompson on August 17, 2007, 09:47:52 PM
I think I can help you on the Yak-7B and the ICM I-16 - send me a private message or e-mail, and we can work out the details (like your mailing address, in particular!).


Title: Re: Decals needed
Post by: Dark Green Man on August 18, 2007, 07:07:10 AM

I'm not planning on doing red 65 , so you can have them if you want.
(I'm using aftermarket decals)

exactly what Shturmovik are you looking for?
I have a Dako kit labeled 'Il-2M3' and it was a swept-wing machine but it came with decals for two 'regular' Il-2's.
White 07 of the 566 ShAP and the one flown by HSU Pavlov.

I'm not fond of the decals ICM provided with the I-16 Type 28 , but if I give them to you then what will I do?

I do not know of any decals for White 22 of the 44 IAP , but I have some for White 44.
let me know if you are interested.

what decals are you willing to trade ?