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Title: Contra solid green! Any good PS-41 images?
Post by: ChristianK on June 01, 2009, 08:31:09 PM

for some years now I have the old MPM kit of the SB-2 M103 in my stash and I am thinking of tackling this kid in the near future.

Now I was looking for something special I can do with this kit. After browsing through Maslovs book and the Squadron/Signal volume on the SB, I figured that a PS-41 Aeroflot mail plane would be nice, but on the few images I have there is always some important part of the airframe missing. Either I cannot see if an Aeroflot writing was applied or the serial is not readable, or the fuselage modifications are not visible. Now does some of you have a nice photograph of a PS-41 that fullfills my hypercritical expectations?

Cheers and thanks in advance for looking,

P.S. Any "doodles" would be welcome, too! :)