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Title: Early MiG-3 colors
Post by: jkiker on August 04, 2009, 07:53:49 PM
Hi all,

After a long hiatus for other projects, I am back working on my MiG-3 project, using the Trumpeter 1/48 scale early MiG kit.  The interior is finished and the fuselage together, with more airframe assemblies in work.  I am doing 'Yellow 9" from the Moscow front, fall 1941.  I have the base blue and green colors sorted out, but I have found some large differences on the subject of dark green for the field-applied "dark bands."  I have seen colors and call-outs for the AII Dark Green ranging from very dark olive to something like the U.S. Medium Green.

I posted this on HyperScale yesterday- do we know what shade of green this is supposed to be?  One of the experts there cited a Russian directive about colors for these early MiG's and concluded that it was most likely that a poor job of painting the dark bands with black that has resulted in erroneous descriptioins of dark green.

Do we have any recent good data to guide me on this?  Darkish green, really dark green, or just bad black?  Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks and cheers, Jim