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Blimey Charlie, it's another book review.
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Author Topic: Blimey Charlie, it's another book review.  (Read 4156 times)
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« on: July 02, 2006, 01:48:43 PM »

So we have a monumentally loud thunderstorm going on overhead, so being properly awake (a rare occurence) this time of day, I presnt you with a review for this sub-forum (not knowing where to put it otherwise).

Gentlemen, I introduce to you a book of yon olden days: The Red Air Force by John Stroud (1943 Pilot's Press, England) --The history of Soviet aviation and a survey of the aircraft at present in service.

Now, I still have yet to purchase a scanner, but I will do so sooner or later providing an update, until then a lengthy list of photos will be mentioned in text only. The book itself is rather a find, has loads of pretty reasonable content for such a time-frame and so on and so forth, thusly. No grossly ridiculous information, the author had access to reasonable data apparently. A good read. Now, to the...


1. Su-2s in formation.
2. DB-3F bombers in the Arctic
3. Bombs gone!
4. Bomber crew
5.Arming an Il-2 assault bomber
6. Northern Fleet MBR-2
7. The rear gunner (thereof)
8. TB-7 Heavy bomber.

(Flips pages.)

1. Massimo's favourite...a Bf 109G-18/Trop on skis... No, no, a Mig-3 hidden amidst some white birches. Nice trees are white birches, and highly recommended for your garden flanked by russian Olives. Don't forget a non-herbicidal organic garden is a HAPPY garden, folks.
2.Yak 1's on a production line. Methinks they are Yak -7s actually, forsooth!
3. Soviet pilot Nikolai Musinsky (with dog and Pe-2) and Polina Sedova (Po-2 air ambulance pilot with no dog).
4. Nice...a Polikarpov R-1 -a very clear shot.
5. Passing out at a training school, a lineup of camo'd UT-2s
6. An ANT-9 (URSS-D308) on skis. (Former passenger service from Moscow to Berlin)
7. ANT-20 Maksim Gorki -again a very good shot.
8. An excellent shot of a Po R-5 (CCCP-L1449) (which helped rescue the crew of the Chelyuskin. My favourite photo in the book, and a future project.
9. A pair of shots of...*deep sigh* the beloved ANT-25. (Both URSS NO25 and URSS NO251)
10. Paras and a trio of TB-3s
11. A larger formation of TB-3s
12. Formation of I-16s.
13. Soviet National Aviation Day (1941, 42, 43?) Large image, all TB-3s.
14. Field maintenance of a Yak -1, nice engine reference.
15. Pe-2s on the northern front. The plane at top right has a nice tiger-stripe distemper finish on close inspection.
16. Phew.

17. Night Bomber Ops on the Northern Front. Six excellent shots of an SB-2 (bis) and Il-4 crews, briefings and whatnot.
18. Pe-8. Again the one at Dundee Airport.
19. A Lendlease Hurricane in RAF markings.
20. Four snowy shots of the Pe-2 (setting out to attack a nazi airodrome)
21 to 23. Hurricanes still in RAF markings, landing, taxiing.
24. A grounded Hurricane with an SB-2 flying over head. (My, isn't the SB-2 a small airplane?)

25. Has a coffee-break.

26. THE Mig -3 shot (02 with either green or red outer wing sections and line-up.)
27. A Yak 1 (bubbletop)
28. The 'Latest Known Soviet Fighter' -a Lagg 3 (yellow or white 80)
29. A nice page of the I-15, I-152 and I-153. I-16 in propaganda mode (silver or white fuselage stars)
30. Argh...the dreaded I-17. Bane of my life. Tell you another time.
31. A trio of Il-2s taking off.
32. Interesting sideshot of a Su-2 (yellow or white 38)
33. Pe-2, fairly nondescript.
34. Stretches legs.

35. Good grief, a really nice shot of a Yak -4. No markings at all.
36. DB-3 in flight. No squadron markings.
37. An Il-4 (DB-3F)
38 to 40. SB-2 bis trio.
41. An AR-2 (white or yellow 3) (black outlined stars) and a spindly undercarriage.
42. Really nice shot of a Pe-8 with attendent aircrew (the Dundee one again)
43. Close-up of a TB-3 with paras descending.
44. Ha. Author quotes this as being an 'L-760'. It's an Aeroflot ANT-20 (I think) -- (CCCP -L760) with wheel spats. Very nice.
45. Tired little fingers...

46. PS-35. Aeroflot (URSS-M134) really interesting shot.
47. PS-84 in half-shadow.
48. An U-2. (CCCP-C3044) Flying with a chap standing on the left wing surface at great height. Another great photo. This U-2 has spoked wheels and a dark glossy finish.
49 -51. Okayish shots of:  The GST, MBR-2 and a better one of the ARK-3.

So, there we go. When I gets me scanner, if anyone should have a request for any of these above, by all means PM me -I'll do my best.

PS Thunderstorm's getting worse. Apocalypse now! We're all doomed.

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Massimo Tessitori
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« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2006, 07:33:04 AM »

Hi Ioaea, Smiley
I'm happy that your computer wasn't killed by some lightning during the storm. We had a large storm here some days ago, some trees down, but John had a worst one on his head in Aviano on the same occasion.
Your list of images is interesting. I would be happy to see some scans. I hope that your home will be enriched by a monumental scanner some day.
Jr. Member
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« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2006, 12:36:22 PM »

Do you mean your friend was actually struck by lightning? Sounds dreadful. Hope he's alright now.

Aye, a scanner is what I need. Especially since book (above) features images, 90% of which I haven't seen elsewhere. Anyway. it must keep, as moving house to the Capital, where the Streets have no Name, following the Yellow Brick Road on a Horse to Nowhere, is almost upon the Ioaea family. Temperatures were 89 degrees there yesterday, incidentally. Climate change, global warming and the return of the geek Sauron, who doesn't need the One Ring nowadays, he makes do with a Nintendo Wii magic wand instead.

Be that as it may, I'll do my best for anyone who wants a commercial scan of any aircraft listed above.


Massimo Tessitori
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« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2006, 04:40:13 PM »

Hi, Smiley
hit by lightning? Nooo, at least not before of having sent an email with photos of the small disaster. Hi John, are you reading this? Wink
Sauron? Nintendo? The first is known as an enemy of human gender, the second as an enemy of modelism.
By sure, I'm interested to see the images of MiG-3, Lagg-3 and Yak-1 and 4, I-17 ad Su-2, maybe in low resolution, to see if they are new for my archive. Could you?
Massimo Smiley
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« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2006, 12:10:45 AM »

I'm interested to see the images of MiG-3, Lagg-3 and Yak-1 and 4, I-17 and Su-2, maybe in low resolution, to see if they are new for my archive. Could you?
Massimo Smiley

Yea. No problem, Massimo.
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