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Soviet SE5a
May 26, 2024, 02:39:30 AM *
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Author Topic: Soviet SE5a  (Read 4418 times)
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« on: September 04, 2011, 10:08:54 PM »

Came across this in a post on the Aerodrome. Can anyone add any further information? My brief summary follows.

" According to ' The SE5 File' 24 SE5a's were supplied to the White Russian Government - B113, B8305,C6362,C6374-81,D3544,D3546,D3548,D3550,D3551,D3552 ---

5 SE5a's were in service with RKKVF units in the Causcaus and Ukraine in Dec 1920, and later 10. In 1922, several were assigned to the ( 2nd fighter squadron) in Moscow. All seem to have disappeared by 1924.

I'm wondering if these aircraft were taken still in the crates by the Bolsheviks and were these aircraft captured on the northern or southern fronts of the Allied Intervention.

Cheers, Steve

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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2011, 08:41:09 PM »

   May have found some circumstantial evidence that suggests the SE5a's were delivered to the southern theatre of operations.

Unfortunately my link was incomplete so will try again.

Regards, Steve

In charge of developing the South Russian Air Force was Lt. Col. Maund, who arrived on March 20th at Ekat*erinodar. He began to lay the ground work for the 100 RE 8 airplanes and 12 officers and 70 men which would arrive in May, 1919. Once the aircraft and men arrived, the development and training began in June.

The Russians, of course, were not new to flying, and their 62ndWing supplemented the 100 RE 8?s. In April, some 15 Camels and 6 DH9 bombers arrived. These were old and arrived from Mudros and Malta with very incomplete equipment. Some training began and four 4 plane batteries were created and by June, these were operating on the front.

By September, the 2nd Aviation division was ready. Squadron 1 of the 1stDivision was based at Ekaterinodar and Kiev.

By August, the following British airplanes had been issued to the Russians under Denikin:

36 RE-8

21 DH9 bomber

21 Camels

9 DH9A bomber

Total: 87 planes

Aircraft sitting at Novorossisk, not issued:

64 RE8

11 DH9 (need parts)

6 SE5

Grand total of airplanes: 168

Better luck this time. I can't vouch for the source but it seems feasible.

Cheers, Steve
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