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Prewar colors of Soviet and Spanish planes.
May 28, 2024, 03:13:11 PM *
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Author Topic: Prewar colors of Soviet and Spanish planes.  (Read 55546 times)
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« Reply #60 on: May 03, 2011, 06:54:33 PM »

3B is a colour as 4Bo;

3B and 4BO were Army oil paints used to paint tanks, artillery, helmets etc.
Again, 3B and 4BO were ?brand names? for two different paints.  In those times, colour of each  paint was standardized (determined with etalons).  In case of 4BO we know exact proportion of pigments that were used to make it. 

ATM-4 et A24 paints are in the 4B0 colour...

Yes. 4BO was an oil paint designed for metal use and AMT-4 and A-24m were aviation paints.  AMT-4 for fabric and A-24m for primed duralluminium.

what paint is in 3B colour?

Only 3B paint?  Wink

what colours is the AIIz paint?

I'm interesting for I-16 paints...according to Hornat, the very first camouflage were two tons of green; AIIz (wich he called A19f) and a darker green one (he doesn't give any name):;

Not true.   I-16s were made before disruptive camouflage scheme was introduced.  A-19f was alkyd paint for metal.  It was not used on fabric covered I-16s!!!

I think I remenber Pilawskii spoke about a AII dark green (?)

AII Dark Green is Pilawskii?s fantasy!   Dark green nitro paint was tested in 1940 but never produced or used in service.

1) Do you agree the I-16 could be peinted with two greens (as perhaps early yak-1 and Mig-3) ?

No, I do not agree.  Two green I-16s, Mig-3s and Yak-1 did not exist. 

2) could it be AII with 3B colour ? if not what was the dark green ?

If you are talking about 1941-45 period (when disruptive schemes were standard), both AII Z and 3B were discontinued ? in 1941 and 1938 respectively.  If you are talking about fighters, they were all mixed construction:  metal + wood + fabric.  3B  was paint for metal only: it was not used on wood or fabric.

3) or do you think only AMT-4 and AMT-6 have been two colours paint since 1941, wich it means that in all W&B pics, the two colours sheme would be black and green an d never two greens ?

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« Reply #61 on: May 04, 2011, 01:44:06 PM »

Hi Mario
Would you be so kind and forward that information to me? Ideally in Russian.
Перечисленные цвета 4БО, АIIЗ и АМТ-4 - конечно разные. Постараюсь написать статью и сообщу вам. Не обещаю сделать это быстро...
The color 4БО, АІІЗ and AMT-4 - of course different. I'll try to write the article and I will inform you. I promise not to do it quickly...

Hi Massimo,
Thanks, let's see what he has to say in that article. Keep us posted.
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