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Douglas A-20G45-DO Diorama.
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Author Topic: Douglas A-20G45-DO Diorama.  (Read 2365 times)
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« on: November 30, 2011, 09:28:22 PM »

Douglas A-20G45-DO Diorama. "Operation thunderstorm " From South Carelian aviation Museum.

The sinking of  Cruiser "NIOBE " in Kotka July 16,1944.

Niobe was sunk on July 16th 1944 near Kotka harbour in Finland. Soviets trought that Niobe was Finnish Coastal Defence Ship V?in?m?inen, the largest ship on the Finnish Navy. Over 130 Soviet planes attacked Niobe on July 16th 1944 near Kotka harbour.
At least their bombing was more accurate than knowledge of ships

Initial attack was by IL-2s followed by 3 separate Pe-2 diveattack waves, the last of which was a feint to draw attention from the 4 Havocs approaching low. Pe-2s scored two hits and Havocs scored the decisive two  FAB-1000 hits below waterline sinking the ship to the bottom of the harbor.

For this attack HSU was awarded to Rakov (his 2nd Gold Star), Ponomarenko, Pavlov and posthumously to Capt.Tikhomirov of the Havocs of which Soviets admitted losing the two ac that had been the last to attack.

These four A-20 Havocs belonged 51 MTAP,Lt Co.I.N .Ponomarenko.

This is Dio is a fictive situation,based on many pics.but that plane was once a real thing .Dont know it's history

This is a Havoc on my diorama belonged to 51 MTAP just on those days ,but who can say was it one of
those four.  Perhaps .??..propably not. Serial was anyway 43-21901 Yellow? "18".

Link to see these model pics ,but text is in Finnish only.   Hope this works.

Regards Saivila.
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