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link to youtube added, very brief clip of VVS Hurricanes on documentary
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Author Topic: link to youtube added, very brief clip of VVS Hurricanes on documentary  (Read 2056 times)
Troy Smith
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« on: February 21, 2012, 05:11:16 AM »

EDIT posted a request on Britmodeller.  

"I think the clip you mention is in here around the 5' mark."  Thanks to Steve for this.

it's at 5.16,

shame about the subtitles and youtube quality, but good enough to make out some details of the Hurris's, can even see the serial on bort 71, DR356....

IIRC the DRxxx serialed planes were remanufactured mkI, anyone confirm this?


this is what i was thinking of
Hurricane Mk IIa DR393 (registered ZK-TPL) was originally a Mk I P3351. It was delivered to the RAF, and crashed near Prestwick on 21 July 1940. Rebuilt as Mk IIa DR393 the aircraft was delivered to the Soviet Air Force in May 1941, serving for about two years before again crashing near Murmansk, Russia in 1943.

Does anyone here know if all the DRxxx series, DR339-DR394, were rebuilt  MkI's as  IIA for Russia?

anyway.... when I work out a youtube downloaded i'll try to post these.   anyone else care to beat to it.

Note on bort71/DR356, the star looks crudely painted  over a dark patch.

The page in qeustion has some intersting looking clips on it as well.

my original posting.
half watching documentary "Air Wars" [by Cromwell Productions, 2003] on Discovery History

This was "Air War eastern front", not a great documentary the main historian makes silly little mistakes....but...I perked up when near the end there was a short, 10-15 sec clip of a couple of VVS Hurricanes landing, bort 77 and 71 I think, then the 2nd plane on the ground and someone greeting the pilot. Never seen this before.

Sorry, not much to go on but if someone else notices this on they may want to video it for this, I'd love to see some screen grabs or the clip again.
Oh, I'm in the UK, this was on Sky channel 522, this stuff gets repeated a lot if anyone else is here and has facilities.

There are a few other clips, the only other that caught my eye was a Yak fighter rolling over and the light catching on the star surrounds in the way silver paint would.

Hope of use
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