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Author Topic: Interview with VVS P-39 pilot - life, operations, colors&marking etc.  (Read 2864 times)
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« on: January 29, 2013, 04:11:49 PM »

I found interesting interview with Porfiriy Borisovich Ovsyannikov at ho flew P-39. He quite openly discuss everyday life during VV2, flying P-39, fighting and a lot of other stuff.

Here are his answers regarding P-39 painting and marking:

"We are interested in how your Cobras were painted.
Ours were green in color. Perhaps we did not over-paint ours. They painted only specific portions of the surface?the regimental markings. In our regiment we had white spinners, and I think the rudders were also white. In the 72nd Regiment, they were red, and in the 68th Regiment?sky blue.

What kind of art did they paint on your airplanes?
We decorated them. Stars [denoting victories] were painted on the nose. In our regiment we had Alexey Semenovich Smirnov, who later became a Twice Hero of the Soviet Union.7 When I arrived in the regiment, he was a squadron commander and Hero of the Soviet Union. The young generation arrived and among them was a pilot who drew well. He drew a ?joker,? like on playing cards, on the rudder of his plane. There weren?t any other such art cases or attraction to drawing.
Our aircraft were not repainted in the winter. We flew them in green. The stars on the wings? I don?t even remember where they were, but I think they were only on the bottom. The serial numbers remained on the fins, but I don?t remember their color.

Do you remember your tactical number?
I remember one?42. This was already after they had shot me down and I had changed aircraft."

Enjoy it.

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