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Calibrating WEM colours
May 30, 2024, 03:20:57 PM *
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Author Topic: Calibrating WEM colours  (Read 17825 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2013, 04:38:41 PM »

OK, here are some chips. I photographed them and scanned them. It is almost impossible to get an exact representation of all the colours simultaneously on the computer, but at least you get a good comparitive picture.

Here they are scanned:

And photographed, direct sunlight, about 15:00 on a cloudless day:

The actual chips appear darker than on my monitor, but playing around with brightness and contrast or adjusting the white balance resulted in some of the chips appearing the wrong colour, so I decided not to do any further editing and to leave them as is. When you interpret these, imagine them a darker in reality. The AKAN Acrylic AMT-12 should be almost black, and all the AMT-7s should be noticeably darker.

Some more notes from looking at the actual chips:

1) WEM AMT-7 has a definite yellow-green tint to it. Although Model Master MM2126 appear very light on the monitor, darkening it with black will probably get you closer to the AKAN colour than starting with the WEM AMT-7.

2) WEM WUP has a slightly bluish hue that you don't see on the scans. Darkening it with black will probably get you closer to AKAN AMT-11 than to AKAN A-14.

3) WEM AMT-11 is so light, that it is difficult to see what will happen if you darken it with pure black. You would have to make it much darker to get anywhere near the AKAN AMT-11.

4) WEM AMT-12 has a very strong green tint. You can't see it properly on the scans, but it is just simply a very strange colour. I don't really know how you would use it - adding red, like someone on another forum once suggested, might help to kill the green tint but I have no idea how close you will eventually get.

5) There is a noticeable difference between the AKAN acrylics and enamels. However, they are close enough to each other that I think the differences are much more noticeable on paint chips lying right next to each other than they will be on the actual model. In my personal opinion (and I have very little scientific information to back this up), I prefer the enamels as they are all a little lighter than the acrylics.

6) The AKAN acrylic AMT-4 is a bit more yellowish than the enamel version. I think the scanned version of the colour chips show this better. I am not sure which version of AMT-4 is more accurate, but it would be interesting to compare this colour to the new AKAN acrylic lacquer paint.

I must admit: It is very difficult to look at the WEM and AKAN paints and imagine that they are supposed to represent the same real-world colours. Either AKAN or WEM is clearly pure fantasy, and I have a strong suspicion which one that would be...

Sorry for the missing chips - I have the paints for those colours, but haven't made the chips yet as I haven't had reason to use those paints until now.

BA Broughton
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