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Mig-AT descendent from Je Squalus?
April 23, 2024, 07:56:24 AM *
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Author Topic: Mig-AT descendent from Je Squalus?  (Read 5597 times)
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« on: July 05, 2013, 03:35:25 PM »


In 1987 General Avia (Italy) and Promavia (Belgium) made the Jet Squalus trainer which was intended to be used for the Belgian Air Force as a trainer. Because there was more opted for a tandemversion instead of next to each other there contacted Mikoyan Bureau in 1993 and called it the ATTA 3000. Promavia went bankrupt.
Years later Mig builded the Mig-AT and it has alot of resemblence of the ATTA 3000.

-> you can see the ATTA 3000 at the bottom of the page

What's your opinion?

Massimo Tessitori
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« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2013, 05:04:30 PM »

Hi Michel,
it resembles a lot; however, all trainers have strong resemblances, they look made with interchangeable lego elements.
Graham Boak
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« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2013, 03:51:42 PM »

Any resemblance is purely superficial.  For a start, the Squalus is single-engined and the AT is a twin.   The Squalus is side-by side and the AT tandem.  Those are pretty big differences.  If you want to make a further comparison, what are the empty and all-up weights?  What are the overall dimensions?  Wing areas?  Wing loadings (weight over area)?  Total thrust?  Trust-to-weight ratio?

Basically, the Squalus is more of a basic trainer and the AT an advanced trainer.  When I was at BAe we were comparing these types with the PC-9 and the Hawk, respectively.
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« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2013, 09:12:20 AM »

It's not that I compare the Jet Squalus with the Mig-AT but if you compare the ATTA 3000 with the Mig-AT there are alot resemblences.
And the ATTA 3000 is a redesign of the Jet Squalus.
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