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Hawker Hurricane: some questions about service in Red Army Air Force on the Stal
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Author Topic: Hawker Hurricane: some questions about service in Red Army Air Force on the Stal  (Read 3598 times)
Troy Smith
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« on: January 01, 2014, 03:55:51 PM »

a new Russian member posted this on Britmodeller.

There are a few questions about Hawker "Hurricane" in the service of Red Army Air Force on the Southwestern and Stalingrad fronts.

Who can tell about such an interesting (but completely incomprehensible !) personal emblem on the hood of this" Hurricane " Mk.II (B?):

Photo :


Сolor drawing:


Aircraft illustration by Basil Zolotov -


Can anyone come across something like this???


Interested in any information on the British ( or other ) fighters , to use such a wonderful heraldry!

There are also doubts about serial number Z2342 on this machine ... Can anyone check it, whether such aircraft was delivered to the USSR under Lend-Lease?


If someone owns such information, including the combat application of " Hurricane " in the Red Army Air Force on the Southwestern and Stalingrad fronts, especially about 235 IAD (Fighter Aviation Division), much to ask to share , I would be very grateful!


photo on the subject:


V.Eliseev - pilot (right ) in his plane " Hurricane " II.

Fighter rearmed - 2xShVAK , 2xBS , 6xRO under RS-82 .

436 IAP(Fighter Aviation Regiment), 235 IAD ( 1st form ) , 8th VA(8th Air Force), Stalingrad Front , summer 1942.

Biography ( in Russian language) :


I linked in the photos, with some comments

Hi Mahno

If you look on Sovietwarplanes, in the lend Lease section, there are several threads on Lend Lease Hurricanes.

I would post this up there, as it would be of interest.

  There are several member there who are here as well though [Wink]

There is a member on Sovietwarplanes, Konstatin Lesnikov/KL, who is very knowledgeable about these subjects of Soviet VVS units. 

It always easier to discuss when photos are posted, so I've used your links.

I'd like to make some observations about the photo vs the profile.  I'd not want to be to dogmatic, but in general it seems red stars were applied by the British before delivery.

While many profiles show RAF markings overpainted with AMT-4 Green for example, careful study rarely shows this.

Also, yellow outlined stars are rare, usually white or silver.

The plane in question Bort # 53, this, and the plane in front are more likely in Day fighter Scheme [dark green/ocean grey uppersurface, medium sea grey undersides] , the planes after 53 look to be in Temperate Land Scheme, [dark green dark earth uppersurfaces, sky undersides]


look at the undercarriage doors, and compare to the prop spinners.   same or similar tone I take to mean TLS.

EDIT- also, I think the 'red band' on the spinner is just the shadow of the moving propeller.  The red band would be a neat touch, but I can't see it.

Again, this proves what is becoming almost a motto...'Never trust a profile without a photograph!'

The emblem on the nose is fascinating, and I've not seen this photo before, so thank you very much for posting this question.

Can't help on the serial.

this plane looks to have TLS, note spinner and underside are same tone

I hope this helps

Massimo Tessitori
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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 05:44:29 PM »

Hi, interesting image. I've tried to enlarge some details.
It seems that at least three planes on the line had particular heraldries.
The first one has a small painting on a light stripe just behind the propeller. To my eye, it seems a sort of 'Super-Tigger', a flying tiger with two bombs in its arms.
Plane n.53 has (obviously) a white-black hood; its tail number is hardly readable, perhaps because it was originally painted on a darker background, and a lighter color was repainted all around in not accurate way; the light color on the rear fuselage is clearly lighter than the one on the nose. The wheel door is dark, much darker than the following planes of the line, so I suppose that it was grey, not sky.
The last plane of the line shows a light dot on the nose, but the emblem is unrecognizable.

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