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Tu-2 at Kalilin front 1942 and Kursk 1943
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Author Topic: Tu-2 at Kalilin front 1942 and Kursk 1943  (Read 3065 times)
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« on: July 24, 2007, 11:24:05 PM »

On the link there are OBB's for air units fo battle of Kursk. VVS side only lists air armies (VA), divisions (BAD) and regiments (most of them). German side on the other hand is a very comprehensive.

Listed as part 1.VS, 285. BAD (Pe-2) of col. V.A. Sandalov? and that division also had 18 operational Tu-2 bombers.

Do any known photos of these early Tu-2 at Kursk exist?

Link to OBB of 1. VA during battle of Kursk

Other OBB's for Kursk

In Voina vo vozduhe No.67? is also claimed that Tu-2 bombers of first series from Zavod No.166 were operational on Kalinin front in september of 1942:
Первые три серийные Ту-2, выпущен?ные заводом № 166, попали на Калинин?ский фронт в сентябре 1942 года. Маши?ны оказались в составе 3-й воздушной армии, которой командовал генерал-пол?ковник М.М. Громов. Вместе с самоле?тами на фронт прибыла группа специалис?тов во главе с Д.С. Марковым, который отвечал за внедрение и эксплуатацию Ту-2. Свою боевую карьеру бомбардировщи?ки начали на аэродроме Мигалово под Калинином 14 сентября 1942 года.


The first three series Tu-2, produced in Zavod № 166, came to Kalinin? Front during September 1942. Planes apeared in the composition of the 3rd air army (VA), which was commanded by General -pol?kovnik M.M. Gromov. Together with airplane a group of specialists headed by D.S. Markov arrived to the front arrived , which was responsible for introduction and the operation Tu-2. Their combat career as bombers started on airfield Migalovo under Kalinin on 14 September, 1942.

Same article also states that since november 1942, 132.OBAP (pod-polkovnik A. Hlebnikov) started operations with 29 planes of this type at Kalinin front. Since december of 1942 12.BAP also started oparations on Kalinin front ( at the end of 1943 regiment was pulled to the rear for reffiting)
Do any photos of planes of 132. and 12. BAP in 1942/43???

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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2010, 02:34:50 PM »

Not really on topic but here is a good short film with good details of standard Tu-2 (at the end there are few in air shots of 2 or 3 tone camo machines)
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