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Author Topic: VVS Fokker D.VII in the 20's . Which shade of green ?  (Read 2816 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2016, 09:17:56 AM »

In my own humble opinion, the planes were delivered in Fokker factory finish of overall green. One can see the "lift here" tags at the end of the lower wingtip on the first pictures. As the soviet tried te rebuild and bolster their Air Force, I think they started using the planes as delivered (Overall green). Then the more usal top green/blue undersurfaces was applied, throught maintenance. The green/blue D.VIIs seem to be part of airschools, but may be I'm wrong.

True, in spring 1922 when Fokkers arrived to Soviet Union, Zavod "Aerolak" hasn't even started with the production of green nitrocellulose varnish. Check following photo - Fokkers are the only dark (presumably green) planes in the lineup:

Following photo is dated August 1922, and lower wing underside is light blue; maybe they were delivered with light blue lower wing undersides?

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