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Polikarpov donkeys family part 5: Type 5 reinforced wings. China 1938
May 19, 2024, 10:55:40 PM *
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Author Topic: Polikarpov donkeys family part 5: Type 5 reinforced wings. China 1938  (Read 3894 times)
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« on: December 05, 2018, 05:05:15 PM »

Hi everybody

The second batch of I-16 delivered to Spain in the spring of 1937 was the subject of many accidents by wings rupture . They were reinforced on the following planes.

Another improvement, the replacement of 750x100 wheels by 750x150.
Externally the rest is identical to the previous Type-5

It is this version of Type-5 that was sent to China from September 1937 as part of the Sino-Soviet Pact signed to help China in its fight against Japan.
The first planes were piloted by Soviet volunteers but, as in Spain, the local pilots learned to fly the I-16 and it is the plane of one of the Chinese aces that I chose to represent, the P 2105 of Liu Che-Sheng of the 21st squadron (chungtui) of the 4th group (tatui) seen in Hankou in March 1938 as indicated by the profile .

And here are the original photos.

I used this box that contains the appropriate decals

I do not detail too much the building which  is "From the box" and simpler than the previous Type 4 and 5 previously presented

1-the propeller

A defect of the kit Amodel not reported previously is the propeller. The shape is generally correct, but the diameter is too large.

Here are the 2 types of propeller that equipped the I-16 according to the engine, Vish 6 for the different versions of the M25 and AV1 for the M62 and M63.
I compare the models provided in the kits by the manufacturers


Here is the rectified Amodel propeller:

2- Front cover plate .

I made a mold of the frontplate presented in the Type-5 initial version, and that's the resin cast of a cowling  corrected with the shutters half closed.

3-The landing gear

The wheels
The crude Amodel wheels are replaced by  those of a Hasegawa kit that  I will not built

Wheel wells
They are improved as previously described

You can see on the previous picture the lower tubes bored with a  no. 11 blade
For the upper tubes, this time I tested the use of hypodermic needle to figure the double tubing of exhaust port  No. 1.

The rails of the canopy must be added, and the dashboard lighting holes  drilled


Here it is before painting.

The caopy is vocuformed, using the very nice canopy of the TsKB kit to prepare a master.. The frame is adhesive aluminum  cut with the Silhouette plotter


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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 07:59:13 PM »

Hello Bernard,

Well done and very inspiring for me  Smiley
And Happy New Year to you and to all  Smiley

1/48 aircraft of the Aces
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« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2019, 10:17:20 PM »

Hello Bernard,Well done and very inspiring for me  Smiley And Happy New Year to you and to all  Smiley
Thank you and happy new year too. The complete donkeys family is here

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