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Polikarpov donkeys family part 8: Type 5 M25v engine Caucasus 1943
April 23, 2024, 06:01:29 AM *
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Author Topic: Polikarpov donkeys family part 8: Type 5 M25v engine Caucasus 1943  (Read 2315 times)
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« on: December 05, 2018, 06:51:24 PM »

Hello everyone,

This is my 5th and last type 5 building

The last type 5 were built in 1939, together with the types 10. They took advantage of the availability of the engine of the latter, the M25v equipped with an oil cooler.
This is reflected visually by the appearance of an air intake at the base of the front cowling

The best known example is the gray 1 (or aluminum) that served for one of the Amodel artboxes. The boxart is wrong, with an interpretation of questionable colors and with the forgetting of the lower air intake.

Here is a view taken by the Germans during his capture in 41 in the Baltic area.

On this second view we can see the air intake of the oil cooler.

However, it is not this decoration that I retained. It would be either an acrobatic patrol aircraft or a demonstration aircraft or the personal mount of a high-ranking pilot.
I preferred to represent a plane in combat livery more classic and I retained this image taken on the field of Mozdoc in the Caucasus in 1943.

By that date, the surviving I-16 were used in close support, like the  red 15  presented previously
The configuration, absence of propeller cone and wheel coversn is typical of I-16 converted into an assault plane (in Russian Штурмовик, sturmovik)
I had the choice in the 12 with its black cowling and the second with  the star on the rudder  that I see all green AIIz.
As I already have several I-16 black hood and none with a star on the rudder is this one that I choosed.

I interpreted the difference in hue between the cowling and the rest of the aircraft as a different aging between the paint for metal parts and fabric and playing a little on the hue and much on the mat / gloss ratio

To have a lower surface equipped with rails support RS 82 and these rockets, I used the box "type 6"

I do not detail the assembly that is comparable to previous Amodel. He is from  the box" apart,

-1 The landing gear
As before, train well layout is to be done. For the actual train, the bunch provided for the skis gives the correct train legs, and as this aircraft has no hatches, I had only the wheels to change by ICM wheel resin copies to get a train correct.

2-The front cover.
I had to create the lower air intake. I used a resin copy that I made from the ICM cowling completes  with a  Gonza  photoetched that I intend to a type 10 or 17. I have of course removed the outputs of the machine guns.

- 3 The thermoformed canopy according to the principle below and that I will use for all I-16 to come. The frames that remained in bare aluminum are obtained with sticker-cut aluminum to the silhouette.

For the painting, as the plane looks very tired, I assumed it was painted in 41 in AII-G / AII-z. I used Akan paintings. To make the appearance that I wanted, I klired the entire aircraft, then after having masked the metal parts (cowling, leading edge of the inner section of the wings, machine gun hatches, connecting strip of the wings, access door and karman of the stabilo and the rudder) I used  a matte varnish on the AII-Z. The intrados remained satin.

To check if my hypothesis of a difference of hue from to the aspect mat / shine rather than color green / black, here is a B/W picture

And now, with colors.


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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 06:40:44 PM »

Dear Bernard,
   very nice series of articles!
   The type 5 has always been my favorite model, and the one involved in the first "modern" fighting among monoplanes with retractable undercarriage.

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