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Mig-3 "White 67"
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Author Topic: Mig-3 "White 67"  (Read 8487 times)
John Thompson
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« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2008, 01:06:40 AM »

Steph, you absolutely do not have to apologize! My comment was not worded very well - it was quite clear what information you were looking for - I was trying to clear up some possible confusion which I caused, not you! My turn to be:  Embarrassed

Cheers!  Wink

Dark Green Man
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« Reply #16 on: May 26, 2008, 06:50:55 AM »

"when we lose the right to be different, we lose the priviledge to be free"--Charles Evans Hughes
Massimo Tessitori
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« Reply #17 on: May 26, 2008, 08:29:34 PM »

Hi Steph, Smiley

Yes, Massimo, I think ICM made some unaccurate works with some "aces" boxes but it's very probable A. Pokryshkin flown a Mig-3 "White 67" during Summer 1942 : "MiG-3 aircraft were "white 5", "white 67", "4", and "7" and also "01" [likely the winter-scheme aircraft behind him in a photo](perhaps not in this order). The likliest order is "7", "4", "01" (winter 1941-February 1942), "white 5" (shows "GVARDIYA" on the intakes - likely dates to when the unit was awarded this designation), and finally "67"" from

Some yeats ago, I made some researches with the help of two friends that read versions of Poktryshkin's memories, one in German, the other one in Russian. They both said that there was not any indication on numbers and painting of his own plane. There, at least.
Then I looked for all the available images of MiG-3, and all the available images of Pokryshkin.
I reached the conclusion that there are no images to ever attempt to trace a profile.
I've found only one image of him in front of a winter-finished MiG, whose number was not readable. Besides, I read of a photo of a green plane (early 1941 style) with a 7 on its tail.

Apart for this, I would be quite happy if someone finds credible informations or images on the planes flown by this pilot.


Very nice models. But I would like to know the sources of that "research".


About plane n.5, the one with the writing Gvardiya, the profile was drawn at least twenty years ago, when few photos of MiG-3 were available. In last 15 years, a lot of new images of Soviet planes were discovered and published, but none of that plane. Is it likely? Besides, the unit had already left MiG-3s when they became Guards in spring 1942, and what is the meaning of 3 red stars? 3 HSU medals? But he was made HSU much later. At the end, tje position of the number, behind the red star, is fully unusual for MiG-3s. At the end, I think that it's a fantasy profile.

I would like to know what is the most probable camo-scheme for this "white 67": I saw a AII Brown/AII dark Green (or AMT4) profile on Osprey 15 "Soviet Aces of WW2" => represented here ... What do you think about it ?

I think that it's a unaccurate drawing of the very same 67 of the photo. How many MiG-3s with n.67 and fully white spinner are documented on photos?
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