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Author Topic: Lavochkin La-5FN at Tri Duby, leader markings?  (Read 3746 times)
Troy Smith
Sr. Member
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« on: March 09, 2011, 03:55:36 AM »

I posted this incomplete by mistake earlier! here's what i meant to post.

While hunting around for a scheme for a La-5FN, was going through the MBI La-5 book when looking at the photos of the Czech flown planes at Tri Duby I noticed something.

'58' flown by the commander, F.Fajtl
the book says some planes had blue coloured spinner tips, '58' shows a coloured spinner tip.
But also apperas to have a pale cowling ring too.  

Is this shot '58' plane appears to have a coloured nose ring, and possibly a coloured rudder, compare the pattern on '02' with '58'

I did wonder if this is possibly a red nose ring/rudder,  but they are much paler compared to the stars, but I spotted this in SAFFC  saying that k16/39 washes out lighter blues,(or is this inaccurate too?) so I wonder if the spinner tip is red (better tonal match to the stars) and the nose ring and rudder are blue? Maybe A-10 Gloss Azure which would fade out on the film?
And would make a good identity marking without compromising camouflage too much.
I'm thinking here of the Czechoslovak flag colours, and what paint might be available.
This is speculation based on looking at photos, I may be totally wrong,  so look forward other opinions on this idea.

Another section leader's plane '39' also in the book seems to have a repainted cowl ring.  I'll post those later.  
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Massimo Tessitori
Hero Member
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 08:15:27 AM »

Hi Troy,
Interesting option for a model and a profle. Did they trace a profile of this plane?
I would mark the dark grey repainting over the cowling, brush-made and much more contrasting that the remaining parts of the dark grey camo bands.  Looks nearly an arrow tip.
Blue rudder too? It's possible, even if the evidence is weak.
Red tip of the spinner... this looks compatible with photos.
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« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2011, 10:40:30 AM »

You're making yourself a victim of this sinister art of analyzing b&w pix.There is enough evidence to disprove that there was any additional coloration on these machines except standard VVS camo (AMT-7/11/12 in standard pattern) and markings. Mr.Jiri Vrany had done and extensive research which was published in a series of articles in Letectvi+Kosmonautika (Czechoslovak aeronautical bi-weekly magazine) in 80-ties in former Czechoslovakia. Besides I personally participated in the interviews with the former pilots-Mr.Valousek and Mr.Fajtl. Naturally as modelers we had a zillion questions regarding camo&markings. No mention of the additional coloration whatsovever transpired from these late gentlemen.
Afaik the latest work from Mr.Vetsik (MBI) doesn't mention anything either.
Btw there were several Slovak nationals flying in this outfit which was officially named "1st Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Squadron".
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