Soviet warplanes from revolution to revolution

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This is the clone of the previous board at

that is owned by JP Myers and is expected to expire in January 2016. The new board is updated with the discussions on the old one up to 30 December 2015.

This is finalized to discussions between anyone is interested into Soviet warplanes, or eventually into Russian ones.

Many thanks to Jasu Terava for his help in moving the site.



(previous VVS Research)


This is the clone of the 'VVS research' page at

that is expected to expire in January 2016 too.

The new 'pages' contains articles, galleries of photos both of real planes and of models, and of color drawings. It is mainly made by Massimo Tessitori, with wide contributions of Tapani Tuomanen, Michal Sekula and other authors.





Not about Soviet warplanes, but it's anyway a work of Massimo Tessitori and is hosted in his site.

At present time, there is a page about North Korean military vehicles.