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Ar-2 model kit of Pavla, 1/72
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on May 5, 2005                                        file name: pavla1.html
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This short-run model kit was released by the Czech firm Pavla in 1997, and it was the only existing one till the release of the kit of Amodel.
The box encloses two light grey sprues with main pieces. 
They are thick and glassy, with some thick flashes, but this is not too bad; the panel lines are finely engraved.
At first look, the pieces look pretty decent.

Vacuformed clear parts, photoetched parts and a photographic film for the instrument panel seemed to give some fair details

The decal sheet provides a choice of 5 aircraft, differing only for the tail number. 
All the aircraft have to been painted AII green and light blue.
One can see that the red stars are strangely proportioned, being taller than wider. Although the thing could pass unobserved when on a curved surface, I would prefer to not use such decals.

A first comparison with some photos show significant differences:

A further comparison with good quality drawings show that: I had started to correct the worst defects, but it was a wasted work.
I abandoned this model after the release of the kit of Amodel, that is better beyond any possibility of comparison.

Here are some images of the fuselage halves after having opened the small windows, reshaped the stabilizator and rudder (lower image only) and closed the wingroot recesses, visible from the openings.
The fuselage of a SB of Novo could give a more accurate base, but it's a dramatically hard work to fit the wings of the kit of Pavla.

Below: the wings required the major reshaping work, cutting a lot of plastic from the leading edge and tip , rescribing ailerons and flaps, reshaping the radiator tunnels and outlets.
The wrong outlets over the engine nacelles back have to be deleted and rebuilt on an outer position.

The engine nacelle is the better part of the kit.
The tail surfaces require reshaping and rescribing.
The use of pieces from an SB of Novo or Eastern Express could reduce the amount of work on the tail and landing gear.
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