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Captured and wrecked Ar-2s (part 1)
Updated on December 30, 2005                                file name: photos.html
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Sadly enough, the vast majority of the known photos of Ar-2 represent aircraft captured or wrecked by Germans during the first days of war.
Many aircraft were operative with 46SBAP of 7SAD, a/d Shauliai, and 54SBAP in 54SAD, a/d Vilnius, Lithuania; the airfields were captured by Germans in the first days of war. They found not only wrecks, but also Ar-2s apparently in good condition.

Ar-2 yellow 7 of 132 SBAP, 45 SAD at Kirovograd.
copyright Jan Koennig,

Again, yellow 7.
from Barbarossa Victims
Other Ar-2s, probably in Kirovograd airfield too.
It's noteworthy that Ar-2s often appear in photos with other Ar-2s, never with older type SB; besides, being faster than SB and able to dive bombing, it is likely that mixed formations of SB and Ar-2 were not previded (at least before the war outbreak)

copyright Jan Koennig,

This aircraft looks to have made an emergency landing with retracted gear and stopped engines.
copyright Jan Koennig,

The image above looks to show an interesting silver tail with red 2. 
Unfortunately it's only a sun reflection.
Another image from another perspective shows a green tail, with a red 2 with thin black outline.

Another image of German soldiers. 
The dark oblique band is the wing's shadow due to the low sun.
from Barbarossa Victims


from Barbarossa Victims
These photos appear to be of the same aircraft, as one can see observing the damages on the left wing.
The lower image seems to show traces of a fire on the engine cowling, vaguely resembling to a camo scheme. 
All the other surfaces show the usual green /light blue finish.


White 2 looks intact in German hands. 
The rudder appears darker than the fuselage because of a shadow.
Note the open outlets for coolers air flow on the wing back.
from Barbarossa Victims


from Barbarossa Victims


from Red Stars 1

Two images of white 3
(yellow 3, according to some authors).
It is not 100% sure that the photos refers to the same aircraft; in fact, the digit 3 on the lower image looks higher.
The aircraft appear intact.
The trasparent cover of the position light on the wingtip is clearly visible.
Although many Ar-2s appear to have been captured in good condition, and despite its good flying qualities, none Ar-2 is known to have been flown by Germans or they allied.

White 4 (or yellow4?) appears nearly intact in German hands. 
Only the left tyre is visibly down. 
Note the black outlines on the red stars. 
from Red Stars 1

Below: another image, possibly of the same aircraft. 

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