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Captured and wrecked Ar-2s (part 2)
Updated on December 30, 2005                                file name: photos2.html
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This aircraft was probably hit by a bomb on his nose. 
The contrast between the intact angines and the destroyed nose is striking.
Note the control column still at its place, and the distorted control column of navigator.

Sad end of an Ar-2, probably hit by a bomb.
Details of the fuselage panelling and of the wings uppersurface can be seen.
The missing part of the fuselage back should be a panel of balenit (special plywood).
Particularly interesting are the open outlet flaps of the cooler on the right wing back, compared to the closed ones on the other wing.

Although this image is commented as an Ar-2 in some books, it is a SB, as we can see from the shape of the rudder, stabilizator and of the cut of the turret.

These photos document the destruption of an Ar-2 on the ground due to a fire, probably after a bomb hit.
Although the light bands are probably due to the effect of heat on paint, the remains of the aircraft show a green/dark green (or black) camo that was not standard on Ar-2s. 
The stars on wings uppersurfaces are not yet visible. 
Note the tubes structure of the wing. 
The silver object is the pilot's seat.
Probably this aircraft survived the first days of war, was repainted according to later standards and then destroyed on the ground, probably during late summer 1941.
Four German soldiers are (vaguely) visible, and perhaps a red number on the tail.

Below: two other images, possibly of the same wreck.
A large red 12 could seem vaguely visible on its tail.


This Ar-2 yellow 2 looks shot down during an action and crashed on a German military installation. 
Nose and engines were torn away during the crash, and the fuselage broke.


These three images seem to show the same couple of planes.
The aircraft above  looks to have black prop and spinners, while props were usually unpainted silver with rear pace partially painted black, as on MiG-3s.
The wrecked fuselage of the image below seems to show part of the rear gunner's position.


The aircraft of these two photos has unusual black bands spotted with green on its fuselage, tail and wingroots. It looks some type of field camouflage. 
A red star is vaguely visible on the stabilizer instead of on the fuselage.

Here are some low-resolution images of captured and wrecked Ar-2s.

This photo shows the remains of a TB-3 (?), of an Ar-2 (the light wing) and of an I-153 (the engine).
Some details of the Ar-2 are still recognizable: the air brakes, the flap, the different profile of the aileron joint line on the upper and undersurface.

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