Sources and links about colors utilized on Soviet warplanes 1937-1947
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on December 5, 2009
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Books and magazines:

1- Aviakollectia 12/2008: Orlov, Vaklamov: painting of the planes of Soviet Air Force 1941-1945;
2- some articles of the same authors on M-hobby 2/99 and other issues;
3- The catalogue of Akan, proved to be a good reproduction of the Alboom Nakrasok of 1948, and other informations from Mr. Akanihin;
4- Colors of the Falcons of Jiri Hornat and Bob Migliardi.

A wide topic in English about painting of Soviet planes.
Interesting post on AMT-1, in English.
wide topic on Soviet colors, in Russian. There are the scans of the early articles of Vaklamov and Orlov published on M-Hobby in the late'90s, too.  a description of the colors found on Soviet planes and wreck in Finnish museum.
Site generating chips of any FS-595b color. Of course, chips are visualized on the screen, with all known  difficulties in comparing them to a paint.  and

tables of colors with matches for modelers.