DB-3F red 10 with dots

Updated on September 25, 2012
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen

This drawing describes the DB-3F of the photos taken by Germans at the beginning of the war. Place and unit are unknown. The plane is equipped with the early type flat turret.

The plane has the A-19f green/A-18f light blue livery utilized between May 1940 and June 1941, overpainted with black dots and bands that hide all the red stars on fuselage and the uppersurface of wings. Some of the black bands seem overpainted with green dots.

A red starlet was added over the 10 on the right side; it's unclear if this was done on the other side too, perhaps this was done at first, then the starlet was partly hidden by black dots.

On the right side of the rudder, some black is partly overposed to the white outline of the bort number.

Thanks to Aleksandr Ruchkovsky for his help.

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