DB-3F white 17 with mixed camo
Updated on August 20, 2012
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


This DB-3F 2M-87B found by Germans at the war's outbreak shows many interesting characteristcs and a camo of difficult interpretation.

It's an early type with bulged cowlings and flat turret, but the intake of the coolers on the wing leading edges are already of the rectangular type.

It seems that its original livery was silver; then, it looks to have been camouflaged in two steps: first the silver was brushed with one or two shades of (green?) paint, leaving many silver parts visible; then it was airbrushed with a pair of light colors (light brown and light green?), its star was recontoured with light grey (?); then the undersurfaces of the rear fuselage, and probably of tail and wings (but apparently not the nose and engines) were overpainted with light blue.