Il-4 n.27 arrow

Updated on May 6, 2012
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Drawing and photo collage of Tapani Tuomanen

This plane appears on a movie, that is the origin of the following screenshots. The camouflage appears to be a 'green nosed' black-green one, modified with a lighter color that probably is the AMT-1 (or A-21m) light brown that became standard after the August 1943; the large star on the tail, probably with white-red outlines, suggests that the movie was made after that date. The number on the tail is mysterious, it looks a dark '2' (with its lower part of a light color) possibly followed by a dark 7. It could be interpreted as a dark red 27, with a red repainting on its lower part.

The plane could be 815 BAP of 113 BAD. Here is a photo of another plane from the same unit in summer 1944. One can see a small part of the arrow on the fuselage. (Thanks to Aleksandr Ruckovski)