Il-4 white 72

Updated on May 6, 2012
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen

This drawing is obtained from an image of a plane of unknown unit, probably in 1944.

The bort number isn't fully readable; it was interpreted as 76 or 78 by different authors. Mr. Viktor Kulikov has sent a good quality scan on which we've made some tests. The second digit seems to have a rounded top and a flat bottom, so it has to be 2 even if the central part is not fully clear.

The camouflage seems to fit well with the second variant of the template of NKAP of 1943. Note that the darker color suggested by the templates is black, not dark grey as for other types.

Photo: courtesy of Viktor Kulikov


A line of planes showing many resemblances to n.72: the size and style of numbers and stars, the guards emblem, the spinner, and in some cases the tail cap.

These planes are of 18 Guards Air Regiment of Long Range Aviation (18 GvAP DD). The photos could have been taken in Poland in 1944.

Photos from Aviacija i Kosmonautika