"Sovetskoye Primorye"
Updated on October 3, 2013
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Drawings by Tapani Tuomanen

Il-4 white 45 belonged to 749 AP DD (Long range ail Regiment) that later became 9 Gv. AP DD, pilot B.P.Chistov.

Noteworthy is the slogan "Sovetskoye Primorye", (Soviet Primorye, a region in the far east of Soviet Union) written presumably in red with white outline, and the medal painted on its tail.

The camouflage is a black-green one apparently modified with soft bands of light brown and post-1943 stars with white and red outline.

The photo below shows one that could be the same plane, or a very similar plane with the same slogan, still on the line of (probably) Zavod 126 in Komsomolsk on Amur. The plane wears the 'green nose' camo pattern as all those visible in the photo; this seems to confirm that the camo pattern is standardized according to the factory. Note that the slogans are on both sides of the planes. The light blotch on the wing could be due to a direct sun beam. Seems that the surface under the engine cowling and the pitot probe under the nose are still painted light blue.


Drawing of Tapani Tuomanen

Thanks to Aleksandr Ruchkovsky