Finnish DB-3F DF-25

Updated on August 26, 2013
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen

Images from Keskinen, Stenman, Niska: "Venäläiset pommittajat" Old print.


This plane was captured by Germans and marked DB -25.

Aside with other three DB-3Fs (DF-22, 23, 24), it was purchased by Finns and delivered to them on 13 Oct 42 at Brjansk. On the following day, the four planes were flown to Finland, but one (DB-22) was lost in an accident due to one engine.

The survived planes were delivered to 2/LeLv 48 on June 5, 1943, and remarked as DF-23, 24 and 25.

The DF-25, as DF-24, was equipped with M 88B with the earlier bulged cowlings; DF-23, instead, was equipped with cylindrical cowlings.

DF-25 in Finnish service fought against Soviets and then against Germans, and didn't survive the war.

The Soviet colors have been replaced by the Finnish camouflage and markings: Oliivinvihreä (Olive Green FS-24096), Musta (Black FS-37038), Vaaleansininen (Light Blue FS-35414)

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In summer 1944, the background color of the svastikas was changed from white to light grey to reduce the visibility.

In late 1944, after that Finns made an armistice with Soviets and turned to fight against Germans in the so called 'Lapland war', the yellow bands on the fuselage and under the wings had been deleted to mark the change of alliance. The white marks count the combat missions made.


After having been flown by Finns for 103 h 55 min, the plane was damaged and written off on. Jan 3 1945, slid in the shoreline woods.