A gift from Platonovka

Updated on October 22, 2012
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Drawings by Tapani Tuomanen

These images were taken on January 29, 1943, when four Il-4 paid with funds collected in the Platonovka area were delivered to 749 and 752 AP DD (long range bomb regiments, both within 24 long range division). On three plane there was 'Platonovskiy Kolkhoznik' (farmers of Platonovka) and on one 'Platonovskiy Komsomol' (Communist Youth of Platonovka). Platonovka is a big village in Tambov area, close to where the division was stationed.

The 749th Regiment became the 9th Guards Regiment from 26 March 1943.

The drawing above shows the look of three of the planes and their slogans; the fourth one is not shown clearly enough on photos to draw it.

It's unclear what is the black part behind the canopy of 'Platonovskiy Komsomol' shown in the photo; it recalls the rear glazing of early DB-3F, but probably it's another thing, perhaps a panel temporarily removed to give access to an internal vane.



Pilot of "Platonovskij Komsomol":

Captain Vasilij Trofimovitsh Mitroshin, April 7, 1921 - April 2, 1992 (probably the man on the left on the photo above)
Wing Commander of 749-th Long Range Bomber Aviation Regiment, (from 26 March 1943 - the 9th Guards), 332 sorties



Pilots of "Platonovskij Kolhoznik":

Captain Nikolaj Feopeptovitsh Getman - Wing Commander

Major Alexander Ivanovitsh Repin - Squadron Commander

Captain Boris Petrovitsh Tshistov - Deputy Squadron Commander of 749 th Aviation Regiment, 24th Air Division, long-range aircraft, 144 sorties
August 14, 1921 - June 21, 1978


Navigator: V.A.Kashirkin


Credits: thanks to PioTer and Aleksandr Ruchkovsky for their help.