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DB-3 profiles and 3 views

drawings by Tapani Tuomanen

Updated on September 4, 2013
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TsKB-26 prototype
DB-3 of serie 1 of Zavod 39 with VAP-55 pods
Early DB-3T 'Red 1'
DB-3T Black 4 of 1st MTAP
DB-3TP seaplane
TsKB-54 escort plane
TsKB-30 Moskva
Dotted 5 of Col. E.N. Preobrazhenskiy
Red 3 with asymmetric camouflage
Red 1 with 3-shades camouflage

Red 15

(later Finnish VP-101/VP-11)

Red 12 in Winter 1940

(later Finnish VP-13/DB-13)

White 3 in 1943
Winter camouflaged plane of 1Gv.MTAP
Finnish VP-101/VP-11

Finnish VP-13/DB-13