I-153 silver 240 and 377

Updated on March 16, 2016

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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


Plane n.240, only partially visible on these photos after this crash landing, shows many unusual characteristics:

  • the 3 digits number;
  • the number itself seems made with adhesive tape instead of painted; it could be aluminium-treated fabric adhesive tape used to repair planes;
  • the surface of the plane looks irregular dark green, probably a brush repainting over a silver-grey base;
  • there is an uniform part on the top of the tail, probably a red cap;
  • the engine cowling looks painted with an uniform light color, lighter than the dark green visible on other parts of the planes but darker than the original light grey AE-9; it could be some unidentified shade of grass green;
  • there is a small radio mast on the tail, that suggests that the plane was equipped with radio device.

Unfortunately the spinner, if any, is not visible on the available photos.









We have not informations on the unit, place and date of these planes, but the photo of n.377 shows impressive resemblances to 240, starting with the tape-looking font, the irregular green surface and what seems a red cap on the tail, this time with a thin silver or white contour.

The lower wing seems to show a camouflage with large blotches of darker colour; it could be obtained with a second dark green brush blotching over a first, scarcely covering, dark green background brushed over an original silver-grey livery.

Unfortunately we can't see the engine cowling to say if it was lighter, as on 240.


Thanks to Vitaliy Timoshenko