Profiles by Tapani Tuomanen

Updated on April 13, 2016

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I-153 prototype No. 5001
Pre-series I-153s with M-25
I-153s in Nomothan accident
Red 16 during the winter war
Red 28 of 15 IAP
red 27 of 236 IAP
I-153s with experimental camouflages of 1940
What-if I-153 with the camouflage of spring 1941
I-153s with dots camouflage
I-153 silver 240 and 377
Black 26 of 17 IAP
Black 29 of 17 IAP
Black 29 with red nose

Red 7 with red nose

70 with green tail
Soviet n.12- Finnish IT-19
Soviet white 19/Finnish IT-20
I-153s near Leningrad

Silver 122

Striped 4
Blue 3
I-153 of 7 IAP with strange camouflage
I-153s with winter camouflages
White 86

Red 1

Camouflaged I-153s

of 71 IAP KBF, 1942

I-153 in the movie Nebo Moskvy, 1944
I-153s in Chinese service
I-153s in German markings
I-153s in Finnish Ilmavoimat