I-153 red 16 during the winter war

Updated on January 26, 2016

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Both photos below show I-153s with standard prewar livery and sky gears captured during the Winter War by Finns, after the pilots made forced landings. It's unclear if the photos are of the same plane.

According to some sources, st.lt.Nikolaj Perevezentshev of 38 IAP force landed on ice of Gulf of Finland 20.02 1940 and was never found. Planes board number is said to be 16. So this could be a possible identification.

The second photo is described as the plane of N..I. Vydashenko of 38 IAP, force landed near Långo in Gulf of Finland after AA hits. Lt G.L. Lobach landed next to Vydashenko's I-153 and rescued him after the plane was "set on fire", according to some reports. Actually the plane was almost intact as can see on the photo. Serial number was 7275 but no board number is known.