I-15bis in silver/grey livery

Updated on February 4, 2017

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Examining some photos taken in the first days of war, we can see that late production I-15bis were painted in overall light shades, as their descendants I-153: AE-9 light grey on metallic parts, and AII aluminum on fabric-covered parts.

Very few photos are available with this finish.

They certainly bore a bort number on the rudder, but unfortunately those photos don't show this.

The only good photo available of a silver-grey I-15bis is from before the war's outbreak, from an unit in Central Asia.

The commissar of 106 ShAP, I.S. Poletayev, had a bad landing with I-15bis 5324 on February 15, 1941.

The emblem 'red K' is relative to the role of commissar.

Image from


Interesting, although poor, image of an I-15bis that looks repaired with pieces of differently painted planes. The base looks a grey/aluminum plane, while the front of the cowling looks have its top and sides painted with AII green; the dark part on the sides of the plane seems to be an open panel. Note the absence of the spinner.

A large 7, probably red, looks painted in red on its tail; a dark dot over it could be seen as a red starlet.