Il-2s of 8th Gv.ShAP of Black Sea Fleet, 1944
File updated on October 13, 2012
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These photos represent some Il-2 and Il-2M of the 8th Gv. Shap of the Black Sea Fleet in the summer of 1944.

All these planes were not the latest type, and show traces of repaintings and repairs with pieces of other planes to make them serviceable.

Plane n 24 is surprising because all his front fuselage looks repainted black, while its rear fuselage, probaly from another plane, is much lighter and with an apparently nearly uniform color; probably it is from a plane with the post-1943 camouflage; in this case, some ligher parts could be painted with brown, while green and dark grey appear undistinguishable.

The wings, metallic, look to have the black-green camo of Z.18, while the ailerons and at least one elevator are from another plane with the post-1943 camo, including light brown. At least one horizontal stabilizer is from a green-black plane.

The slogan 'Za chest Gvardii! ' means 'for the honour of the Guards", and is painred white, apart for 'Gvardii' that is red with thick white outline..

Three red starlets are visible on the stabilizer. The trim tab is black.

(Photo from Red Stars of Geust, Keskinen, Stenman, Opali Oy)

A partial image from the other side, showing the slogan 'Za rodinu!" that means 'For the homeland', and a thin Z-shaped white arrow.

Note the absence of aiming lines on the repainted nose. Other planes of this unit show a white tip of the spinner, and it could be the case of this plane too.

(Photo from Viktor Publishing, Il-2 part 2)

Below: a drawing traced for the bookon Il-2 of Jason Moore.

Plane n.26 shows a white spinner's tip, believed characteristc of the planes of this unit.

This plane gives the idea to feature a black-green rear fuselage from another plane, and to have much light brown both on the wing and on the side of the fuselage.

(Photo from Viktor Publishing, Il-2 part 2)

Here is an attempt to represent this plane. I've taken a plane of Z.18 as a base, although this identification is not sure.

Drawing made for the book on Il-2 of Jason Moore

The singleseater white 29 looks very interesting because of its light brown (?) repaintings, well visible on the wings when compared to the black-green camouflage of the wings of white 24.

Other interesting characteristics include the red (?) 1 on the stabilizer and probably the white tip of the spinner. From the position of the stars the plane appears to be of Z.18, but the balance tabs to the wingtips aren't visible here.