Il-2 'banded 7'


Updated on August 27, 2012
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Many photos of downed Il-2s show some planes having unusual characteristics in common:

-camo improved by mottling with at least one lighter color, possibly light brown AMT-1 or similar;

-wooden rear fuselage reinforced with external stiffeners that appear unpainted, or painted with a different color of the background;

-a white oblique band on the tail, or remains of a white oblique band obliterated with paint:

- a red (? ) number with white outline on the tail; in the case of this plane, the color of the digit looks darker than the one of the star, perhaps it was some dark red.

Although the place and date of these photos of German origin are unknown, we can note the resemblance of those planes to “Za Otradnova” (“For Otradnov”), “yellow 3” Pilot A.V.Chuvikov,

of 606 ShAP of 214 ShAD.

Thanks to Aleksandr Ruchkosky for photos and informations



The rear fuselage and, perhaps, the low part of the stabilizer are mottled with light (brown?) paint, possibly AMT-1.

What is visible of the underlying black/green camouflage and with white outlined stars is clearly related with the style of Zavod 18, coherently with the wing showing metal bended plates.

The red stars are a bit irregular in proportions, and not perfectly centered on the hinge line between stabilizer and rudder.

The shape of the ammo hatches suggest the wing of late 1941 equipped with VYa-23 guns, but the typical fairing on the leading edge is not visible; it could have been lost during the crash, or maybe the plane was armed with 20 mm ShVAK although in the wing tipically used for the other weapon.