1/72 Zvezda's Il-2 "Shturmovik" 
By Michael Neradkov (Michael XIII) 
Translation and adaptation from the original work (in Russian) at http://scalemodels.ru/articles/21.html
Uploaded on June 27, 2006
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Here are some notes written after an exam of the new kit of Il-2 of Zvezda by Michael Neradkov.
In a second time, another kit of an Il-2 with 37 mm underwing guns was released by Zvezda. Its pieces are from the same mold, but with additional gunpods pieces on apposite sprues. Some notes were added to this review by Massimo Tessitori after a look inside this kit.

The first thing appearing to anyone examining this kit is the improvement in the boxart quality in comparison to previous Zvezda kits.

Three sprues of gray plastic are located inside the box. They are enough for an 1/72 model kit. In fact, Il-2 is rather large, no match with I-16.
Shrinkage cavities and burr are visible.
Unfortunately, the internal details of canopy and landing gear vans are poor, and wheels are not as well made as on the model of Smer.
An unusual characteristic is that the exhaust pipes are moulded with on opened back, so it's not necessary to drill them; however, all pipes are moulded without spaces between them. One should see the detail already fitted in its place to decide if this solution is good or not.
The flat water cooler under the fuselage is divided between the fiselage halves; this could require an hard work to delete the junction line.

The imitation of the fabric covering of the control surfaces is not very good. Their division line is too faible.
The back surface of the propeller has a strange flat look and should be improved.
8 RS-132 and 8 RS-82 rockets are provided.

The wings are of late metallic type.

The clear pieces are: two alternative variants of the canopy and the landing light, all of apparently good quality.
The small decals sheet is for 2 planes:

Both planes have green-dark brown camouflage.

The color numbers of the instructions sheet are referred to Zvezda & Model Master paints.
According to some sources, this kit is a reboxing of the former Toko kit, already repacked by the now disappeared Eastern Express.
The overall quality is not bad, and the price is low; the kit looks recommanable for beginners, but the Dako Il-2 is better.