Il-10 landing gear
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated onJuly 15, 2010
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Main landing gear

The main landing gear of Il-10 has a leg that retracts rearward, rotating to align the wheel to the plan of the wing .

Each units has 3 doors: 1 solidal with the wheel axis, and 2 long to close the longitudinal vane of the leg.

Avia B-33, the Czech-built version of Il-10, often operated without the crescent-shaped door of the wheel.



Photos show that the crescent-shaped wheel doors are strongly asymmetrical, with a wide piece of door surpassing the wheel forward, while door and leg are exactly aligned on the back side. The fairing for the leg is much extended rearward in comparison to the leg's axis. On the rear part of the door the profile sometimes appears as circular, sometimes appear to have a very small flat part.



The left wing landing gear bay. It's definitely round, but its center should be moved outwards.

This asymmetry, both of bay and of the wheel doors, is probably required because of the rotation of the wheel during the retraction, not completed when it starts to enter the bay, that required to avoid interference with the door and skin of the wing undersurface; for opposite reason, the wheel well and the relative door was extended outwards to give more space to the wheel, not yet fully flat when starts to access the bay.
How does existing drawings deal with this point? Forthemost they ignore the problem, showing a circular and symmetric bay.

The drawings of the WWF monograph propose a different interpretation, shown on the right: the bays should be mugh greatest than the doors, and strongly flattened at contact with the bomb bay. Note the wide and strange gaps remaining between doors and bays.

This is interesting because they had the possibility to see the real plane, besides it's corresponding to the interpretation of the KP model.

However, this is not what I think to see on photos. 

This drawing, modified by me, is the solution that looks more compatible with the available photos both of the bay an of the leg with the door.

To make more clear my view, I've marked the shape of the leg and wheel with pink.


Tail wheel

The tail wheel is pneumatically retractable rearwards into an open bay without doors.

The mechanism can be covered from dust with a flexible cover of tissue, leaving the bay open.