La-7 n.67 of Boykov, 113 giap
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on January 19, 2019
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Disclaimer and credits:

this page resumes the research work and the help of many people, that published their contributions here:

The main research is by Michael Sekula (66misos); other contributions are from Aleksandr Ruchkovsky, Vitaliy Timoshenko, Barneybolac, Jason Moore, Oleg Korytov, Kostantin Lesnikov, Flavio and other ones.

The drawings are made by Massimo Tessitori, and are the same that will be published on the book on Lavochkins by Jason Moore.

The photos of this page come from many sources, not always mentioned. If you think to have rights on some image, please email me and i'll provide to credit or remove it.



The La-7 of P.M.Boykov of 113 giap, 10 giad, was photographed in spring 1945 in Czechoslovakia. Note the bombs under the wings.

The plane is known to be numbered 67 from other sources.

The most prominent characteristic is the painting on the cowling; often misidentified as a big dragon whose eye is the logo, at a closer exam the painting reveals to be an eagle attacking a snake. The suggestion that the painting was an eagle is from Aleksandr Ruchkovsky.

The camouflage is unrecognizable on the photo, probably it's the usual grey-grey one.

The spinner looks opaque, but we can see traces of light painting on the roots of the blades; this could mean that the spinner was roughly painted with the same light blue AMT-7 of undersurfaces.




another photo of what is thought to be the same plane. Here the n.67 is clearly visible, while the cowling looks dark and gives the idea to have been repainted solid red at the date of the photo. No factory marks on the cowling and rudder are visible on this image.

The camouflage looks distinguishable on the fuselage and tail, while the dark areas on the wing seem defects of the photo.

(image via Alexis Lagarde)

Profile of plane 67.

Probably the eagle was on the left side only.

The size of the red stars and the fonts of bort numbers were represented as those of Z.381, because the style of the La-7 logo suggests that the plane was built in this factory.