La-7 miscellaneous photos
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on March 10, 2017
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Here are some photos that I have collected, but that I couldn't turn into profiles till now because of the lack of sufficient informations.

85 of 263 iap


This image shows a plane of 263 iap of 8 iak, whose planes were characterized by white tails. The bort number looks 85 or 95. Few is visible, the plane is thought to be painted with grey/grey camouflage. The cowling looks glossy,but with a blurried outline, suggesting that it could be repainted or made glossy with some polish.

Image via A. Ruchkovsky.





161 iap

Two planes of 161 iap.

Although the planes are shown only in partial way, there are two pictorially interesting characteristics:

  • the strange shape on the spinner, similar to a sort of asymmetrical flower;
  • the thin gold (?) painting of the lip of the cowling.
  Indeed all the 1st Guards Corps (3 and 4 Guards fighter divisions) had double stripes but their look was different.

20 of 303 iad

Plane 20 of 303 iad

image from aviacia i vremia 2012-04

14 in a movie


This plane was employed for a movie. movie



Unit and pilot of '93' haven't been positively identified, but the plane resembles very much to one of the 1st Czech regiment photographed at the ceremonial parade on 1 June 1945 in Prague-Letnany.

La-7 of Vestsik

The commander of the 111th Guards Colonel GIAP I.M.Holodov near La-7 fighter aircraft, which flew one of the aces of the regiment. Czechoslovakia, May 1945