La-7 miscellaneous photos
by Massimo Tessitori

Updated on July 22, 2023

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Here are some photos that I have collected, but that I couldn't turn into profiles till now because of the lack of sufficient informations.

85 of 863 iap


This image shows a plane of 863 iap of 8 iak, whose planes were characterized by white tails. The bort number looks 85 or 95. Few is visible, the plane is thought to be painted with grey/grey camouflage. The cowling looks glossy,but with a blurried outline, suggesting that it could be repainted or made glossy with some polish.

Image via A. Ruchkovsky.

Postwar shot of a La-7 of 14 GIAD, 3 GIAK.

The uniformly dark uppersurfaces (unknown if green or grey) are shining, a sure indication that th plane was repainted. The Guards emblem on the tail replaces the usual large red star. The number is covered, leaving to see only a white dot.




161 iap

Two planes of 161 iap.

Although the planes are shown only in partial way, there are two pictorially interesting characteristics:

  • the strange shape on the spinner, similar to a sort of asymmetrical flower;
  • the thin gold (?) painting of the lip of the cowling.
  Indeed all the 1st Guards Corps (3 and 4 Guards fighter divisions) had double stripes but their look was different.

20 of 303 iad

Plane 20 of 303 iad

image from aviacia i vremia 2012-04

14 in a movie


This plane was employed for a movie. movie



Unit and pilot of '93' haven't been positively identified, but the plane resembles very much to one of the 1st Czech regiment photographed at the ceremonial parade on 1 June 1945 in Prague-Letnany.

La-7 of Vestsik

The commander of the 111th Guards Colonel GIAP I.M.Holodov near La-7 fighter aircraft, which flew one of the aces of the regiment. Czechoslovakia, May 1945