Lavochkin La-7
by Massimo Tessitori
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Lavochkin La-7 of Milos Vestsik, MBI: at present time, the most important monograph on La-7, especially on those in Czech service. In English and Czech.

Lagg &Lavochkin Aces of World War 2, of George Mellinger: useful for the story of the Soviet units and pilots.

La-5/7 Fighters in action, of Hans-Heiri Stapfer, Squadron/Signal publications, a good old monograph

Istrebitel La-7, Aviakollectsia 11/2009, of Kotelnikov, Orlov, Jakubovic: good monograph in Russian.

Lavochkin piston-engined fighters, Y.Gordon, Red star n.10: good monograph in English, with many well printed photos, forthemost from factory and tests.

Soviet Air Force fighter colours 1941-45: it has some good photos of La-7.


Links: Many topics on Lavochkins, in English. excellent reference both for details and historical photos, in Russian. site that collects photo from the Russian press. site on the markings of Soviet planes during the GPW. walkaround of the La-7 preserved in the museum of Prague-Kbely. walkaround of the La-7 preserved in the museum of Monino. walkaround of the La-7 preserved in the museum of Prague-Kbely.



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