La-5 of Cooperativa, 1:72 
Model by Andrew Desautels
Uploaded on November 2, 2010
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This is the first completely out-of-the-box build I've done in about twenty years, the 1/72 Cooperativa La-5 (OOB except for the decals, which are from the AML kit). This is also my first attempt at a highly weathered winter camouflage, which, according to the one available photo of the aircraft, must have been VERY hurriedly sloshed on and then VERY worn and weathered. The standard camouflage underneath is WEM enamels plus Testors dullcote, then the white was applied using white acrylic paint with a very small flat brush. After it set a few days I carefully rubbed it all down with ultra-fine grade steel wool, which did two things: 1) it wore down the white to a believable weathered appearance, and 2) it removed 3-dimensional brush strokes from the white, which would have made it look like a model or, worse yet, a toy. I was VERY pleased with the result.