Eskadrilya Valeriy Chkalov 
La-5 n.69
By Massimo Tessitori
File updated on December 6, 2006
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This image shows plane No.69 on the background of some pilots of 159 IAP.
This unit received 13 planes with the inscription VCh.
The pilot with the leather helmet is M. Pilyutov.


This plane had a standard AMT green/black camouflage.
The red star insignas had an unusual white outline.
On the left side, we see "Eskadrilya Valeriy Chkalow" painted in white, while, on the right side, there should be written Ot Kolkhoznikov i kolkhoznits Gorkovskoy oblasti

The camo scheme looks standard, except for the black band on the nose that appears of unusual shape.
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