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La-5 n.57 of 164 IAP
by Massimo Tessitori

Updated on March 15 2019

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The liveries of La-5s of 1942/43 are usually very monotonous: camouflage and national markings are very standardized, as the numbers that were painted in factory, with the same fonts and in the same position and were the last two digits of the serial numbers.

A surprising exception is this La-5 n.57, probably of 164 IAP on the South-west front in winter 1942-43.

On a standard black-green livery with white 57 and (presumably) standard red stars, we see

the regimental marking consisting of three white stripes on the tail (two uncomplete and one complete), the same in use up to 1945;

a white trim;

a white area of unknown meaning at the base of the fin, perhaps indicating a commander's plane;

the divisional mark of 295 IAD consisting of a broken arrow on each side, common to 31 IAP and 116 IAP;

an apparently red nose and spinner (at least the photo seems to suggest this; the lower area could also show a void due to the lack of the right piece of front ring, but the piece of ring on the top looks different from the camo).


Left: a reconstruction of the look of this plane.



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